Hi, I’m Chris and I’m a Catholic…but just a few short years ago I really had no idea what being Catholic even meant or if it mattered.  I am inviting you along for the journey of my awakening to all that being Catholic means to me and the absolute joy I have found in my daily discovery of the gift that is our Catholic Faith.

Everything is more fun with a friend including living our faith.  Next you will meet Katie and together we are just 2 Jesus Girls who love to learn about and share our faith.

I am married to Bill and together we have 2 children – Nick and Lexi.  Nick is currently a junior at Purdue and Lexi will be a freshman at Purdue beginning in less than 3 weeks.  I cried today at lunch thinking about it.  For 21 years I have loved my 24/7  job of being a Mom.  I know I’ll still be a Mom, but I’m not really ready to relinquish my day to day mothering duties.  We all have a story…an important story that is part of God’s plan. I guess it’s time to turn the page.