INSPIRING women & creating COMMUNITY

Bring Awaken to your parish or Home

Our programs include a presentation of the B.E.S.T.® meant to inspire women to live deeper more authentic lives as beloved daughters of God. The B.E.S.T. encompasses all the treasures of our Catholic faith. Bring them to your parish or enjoy in the comfort of your own home.

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7 Virtues for Healthy Habits

Be transformed! The path to virtue is habit. As we practice daily virtue in simple and practical ways, our hearts, homes and communities can be transformed. In this program we explore what Virtue means and simple habits that lead to virtue in our everyday lives. Discover through the B.E.S.T. 7 Virtues for Healthy Habits that include, Humility, Faith & Simplicity, Prudence, Justice & Honesty, Fortitude & Patience, Love & Gentleness, and Hope. Each session is filled with the joy and truth we need to be encouraged to live our faith and share it with others.


Do you long for true joy in your daily routine? Busyness, regret, pain and fear are just a few ways we are robbed of our joy. Join us as we discover how to invite Jesus to be the true source of our joy. Each session Chris + Katie will share, discuss, laugh and grow with you on a new featured topic on this theme – Joy + Jesus. Prayer Circle guides help you through that week’s topic and provide discussion questions for Parish Circles.

Awaken faith in your neighborhood

Bring Awaken to your own living room! Be part of the vision for equipping women to understand and embrace the richness of the Faith. Awaken makes it easy to invite your friends and neighbors to explore the Faith in a low-key, relational way. Start by each woman joining our AYF Circle. Then, consider a Prayer Journal for each woman in your group. Depending on your needs, you may also add other tools for growing in the ordered life of faithfulness, including rosary booklets, prayer cards, and notebooks designed to integrate the practices of faith into daily life.

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