In the book, “Praying in the Presence of Our Lord with Mother Teresa” by Susan Conroy, we can learn to follow and imitate this great saint of our time. Her devotion to prayer and the Eucharist transformed her life. St. Mother Teresa touched the lives of everyone she met. She served the poorest of the poor and with serving the least she became one of the most revered. She encourages us to “turn the ordinary things of everyday life into an opportunity to offer something beautiful to God.” She helps us see that even the smallest most ordinary things we do in our day, when done with love and offered to God can be exactly what makes us holy! What is on our to do list today – what task seems ordinary, boring, even meaningless?  Imagine those tasks as being done for God – because when we serve others, we are serving Christ. Whatever you did for the least of my brothers…you did for me. St. Mother Teresa pray for us that we may have the grace to offer all that we do “with Jesus and for Jesus” as you did.

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